To have a caring environment on Kauaʻi that promotes healing and improved quality of life.

Kapaʻa, Kauaʻi


The Kauaʻi Rural Health Association (KRHA) is organized for educational and professional networking to facilitate a continually improving health network responsive to community needs and based on caring and respect for cultural values of
the island.


  • To facilitate a continually improving health network responsive to the needs of Kauaʻi and Niʻihau.
  • To promote access to comprehensive healthcare for
    all people on Kauaʻi and Niʻihau.
  • To provide a professional forum for exchange of
    information and ideas.
  • To support a community wide network of
    healthcare agencies, organizations and consumers.
  • To provide consultation in the areas of health
    planning, program development, continuous quality
    improvement and specific healthcare disciplines.
  • To advise federal, state and county agencies
    regarding allocation of healthcare resources.


  • HEALTH: A state of dynamic balance between the physical, mental, spiritual self in relationship with the environment.
  • HEALTH NETWORK: A partnership among individuals/groups/agencies whose common commitment is to support and improve the community’s well-being.
  • COMMUNITY: (specific to Kauaʻi and Niʻihau) A group of individuals and families who have a rich cultural and ethnic diversity, yet are united in their appreciation for the unique beliefs and contributions of each person, regardless of age.
  • GENERAL SAFETY: The community shows high regard for the individual and strives to provide a feeling of acceptance and appreciation for the unique beliefs and contributions of each person, regardless of age.
  • CULTURAL SAFETY: The community conveys nonjudgmental interest in a respect for the unique values, rituals, and social contributions of all cultures.
  • COMMUNITY/CONSUMER/CLIENT DRIVEN: The healthcare community is responsive to the needs and expectations of clients. It is characterized by the belief that given appropriate information and options, people can identify their own needs and make informed decisions.
  • FINANCIAL VIABILITY: A viable healthcare community has financial strength to support continuous improvement.
  • ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE: In an accessible system people are assisted and supported through the system, starting with the initial contact; the system is flexible, affordable, and reliable; and effective outreach is an integral function of the healthcare system.

2023 Board of Directors


Ray M. Ho – President (Dept. of Health)
Gregg Pacilio – Vice President (Hawaii Health Systems Corporation)
Muriah Moises – Secretary (Kuhio Medical Center)
Nannie Ann Apalla – Treasurer (Kauai Planning & Action Alliance)


Dr. Bridget Collins (Family Physician)
Priti Tayal (Hale Opio)
Dr. Ron Fujimoto (Hawaii Health Systems Corporation)

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